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Documenting our travels so you can follow along, and perhaps plan your own trip based on our itineraries and advice.

Travel by the Numbers

  • 4 Continents visited
  • 13 Countries visited
  • 28 States visited
  • 10 National Parks

About me

Why a new focus on travel, and why now? Our family has always enjoyed travel, and I’ve plotted our yearly vacations with care. But due to a confluence of circumstances (all in some ways tied to the pandemic), I planned 3 road trip vacations in 2021. When posting photos, so many friends wanted to see the itinerary that this “travel blogging” idea was born. 


But that doesn’t mean work has gone away, and this site remains a place to check out my background and portfolio. Marketing has been the traditional part of my career, starting with my degree in Marketing from Merrimack College. Out of school I spent a few years at a high-tech start-up, which led to my long stint marketing technical books at Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. Through my 13 years there, as Marketing Supervisor then Manager and finally Director, I found that in addition to the creativeness and strong writing that drew me to the career, equally important to my success is attention to detail and strong relationship building. Marketing remains my passion, and I’m enjoying the opportunity to now work with different companies, industries, and teams. Learn more about my freelance services.


So what’s with the Photography? For as long as I can remember I’ve found great joy capturing moments through photographs. When I left Addison-Wesley and was in the process of building my freelance marketing business, the shop where I used to develop my film – ah, film – needed a photographer to take Christmas card photos and asked if I was interested. I really enjoyed the experience, and continued, first with friends and neighbors, and then by placing a few local ads and word of mouth. Learn more about my unique packages.

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